Finance Benchmarking

The data-based 360° review provides security and reveals optimization potential.

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Every Finance Transformation starts with the determination of the Status Quo.

Finance transformations often fail because the set goals do not match the real, operational Status Quo.

The result: the team is left behind, trust is lost, the transformation fails, and all the risks and inefficiencies are dragged along. Understanding the operational Status Quo, including existing opportunities and risks, is the key to understanding and prioritizing the upcoming challenges together as a team and thus aligning them with the organization’s goals.

Our solution Finance Benchmarking determines the position of your accounting department compared to others.

It measures the regularity, efficiency and standardization of your global SAP accounting functions using key performance indicators and our proven zapAudit indicators.

Use Cases

S4HANA transformation

Process optimization

Audit preparation

Process benchmarking



360° Finance Check

Our solution



zapAudit has automated what can be automated for SAP data.

The SAP data is extracted to your servers, the processes are reconstructed and audited using over 150 questions.

The zapAudit report then guides you, the subject matter expert, to methodically assess the results in the individual corporate context.


Finance Benchmarking Workshop

The Finance Benchmarking Workshop provides the finance department with certainty regarding the status quo of the finance processes.

In the first step, we work out the initial situation and the “big picture” together. zapliance then conducts a preliminary review of the data and guides you through the benchmarking process in workshop format.

The result of the Finance Benchmarking Workshop is an overview of the key opportunities and risks that the Finance department should consider on the path to transformation based on the data.

Power BI Integration

PowerBI is the ideal representation for cross-company multi-year benchmarks.

The automated zapAudit results are methodically prepared by our professionals. According to your individual objectives, we create a dashboard customized for you.

For optimal intra-company collaboration, the results can also be integrated into Microsoft Teams and provided with tasks.

Customer Success

Customer success is achieved by working together to achieve your goals.

Even before the contract is signed, we are committed to providing you with the best possible support for organizational and technical preparations.

When the contract is signed, you will be assigned a personal Customer Success Specialist who will first define your goals with you and then provide you with ongoing support in implementing them and in dealing with day-to-day challenges.


Audit Service

We are auditors with heart – for more than 15 years.

Anyone who has worked with us knows that we clearly communicate what we can and especially what we can’t do.

If you’d like to hire us or our network partners to perform your audit, let’s talk.

Consulting Service

Our network partners advise you both strategically and in the implementation of SAP customizing.

Through our many years of auditing experience, we know which consulting services generate real added value.

We are all united by the aspiration to provide you and your team with the best possible support for your accounting transformation.

Custom Analytics

Every company has “special hiccups”.

Our software has the ability to run additional data apps.

If you have custom questions that aren’t included in our standard software, we’ll develop the queries for you and use the existing zapliance infrastructure to automate the analyses.

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