Identify duplicate payments.

Through AI and the experience of 1000+ customers.


The zapCash AI identifies and prioritizes double-entered liabilities for you.
100 % better.

Leave behind the manual configuration and adaptation of sets of rules to the individual circumstances of the SAP system.

If changing processes are then added, a balance must be found between excluding too large result sets, avoiding “false negatives” and manually adjusting known patterns. This is precisely the challenge we have been facing for over ten years and have been able to solve with the help of artificial intelligence – together with the Artificial Intelligence Center Hamburg.

Our zapCash AI learns the known patterns of all users and makes them available to all zapCash users.

In doing so, it prioritizes the always too large result sets appropriately and relevant for the user.

Automatic Features

SAP data extraction

zapAudit already knows the necessary data. The data extraction works with a reading user, without the need for an SAP transport request. The data remains with you! We at zapliance do not have access to it at any time.

AI preparation

Based on the SAP data and our know-how, zapCash refines the SAP data. The result is more than 400 features for our AI algorithms, which map the following facts, among others:

  1. cancelation detection
  2. recurring postings
  3. amount differences
  4. duplicate vendor master data
  5. manual vs. automated postings

Collective AI

zapCash knows the duplicate payment patterns of over 1000 companies and applies this knowledge to your data. In the process, the software learns continuously and automatically based on your results.


Receipt comparison

The detailed view in zapCash compares the essential characteristics of the receipts to be examined. The user is intuitively pointed to the differences and can thus very quickly arrive at an initial assessment.

Audit methodology

The zapAudit user interface methodically guides the business expert through the results. The analysis results are grouped into profiles and enriched with the relevant information from the SAP data set.


Audit results can be documented directly. The result of the check is learned by zapCash and reprioritized during the next AI run.

Sub-ledger check

To check the accounts payable sub-ledger, zapCash lists only the relevant sub-ledger entries, enabling the user to correlate the potentially duplicated documents and the clearing documents.

On-the-fly Filter

Data analyses always generate too large a result set. With our filters, results can be flexibly adapted to the corporate context, e.g. according to intercompany transactions, customers, suppliers, automatic postings and much more.

Cash Recovery Plus

zapCash is expandable with additional Cash Recovery Use Cases, such as:/p>

  1. input tax not claimed
  2. double credit notes to customers
  3. unused cash discount potential

What our customers say about us

“We didn’t think it would really work automatically for us because we are so complex and have a heterogeneous systems landscape – but it still works!”
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