zap Cash

Discover more than just duplicate payments – with zap Cash

Our zap Cash software will not just enable your team to uncover duplicate payments, but will also teach you how to avoid making duplicate payments in the future – so you and your team are independent from any external help.

Mehr als nur Doppelzahlungen entdecken
  • 75,000 duplicate payments discovered

  • €170,000 – largest identified duplicate

  • Our solutions are already being used in more than 46 countries

  • 75,000 duplicate payments discovered

  • €170,000 – largest identified duplicate

  • Our solutions are already being used in more than 46 countries

Control is good – zap Cash is better.

Benefit from the knowledge of other users. Thanks to artificial intelligence.

Every day there are new reasons why duplicate payments happen. What’s handy: with zap Cash every user can independently judge if the suspected duplicate payment is indeed a duplicate payment or not. This ‘professional judgement’ as we call it, is then included in our artificial intelligence – a win-win-win-situation for everyone.

Make it easy for your team. Thanks to automated software.

Extensive, complex analyses to find duplicate payments are now in the past! From now on zap Cash will help your team – 100% automated and as easy as clicking a button. Your employees optimize their own processes (including training and quality assurance)

Time for you to be the expert – without any external help. Thanks to an easy user-interface.

Your team can now analyze and look for duplicate payments independently. No expensive, external consultants necessary. Our user interface is easy-to-use and with a clearly laid out design. Just clicking a few buttons and zap Cash will allow you to enjoy the show!

Benefit from the most developed artificial intelligence in the market.

  • Detects duplicate payments
  • Continuously improves and develops thanks to the user
  • Finds outliers as well as systematic errors
  • Analyzes selected company codes within an SAP client for consecutive fiscal years

Use your expert knowledge.

  • Shows you potential duplicate payments, that the specialist departments have judged as correct or incorrect.
  • Your team’s professional judgment is included in the artificial intelligence
  • Benefit from the expertise of all users
  • Enable your team to work more efficiently and effectively, without the help of external consultants.

Minimal technical effort and easy-to-use interface make it possible to start right away.

  • Works on every SAP system globally (S/4 HANA compatible)
  • Free-of-charge download, and you can start immediately
  • All data remains in your company
  • No additional installation within SAP required

Big opportunities – No risk

Identification of duplicate payments

  • Payments in different currencies
  • Bookings with different supplier numbers
  • Payments that were edited differently (manual vs. automated payment runs)
  • Discrepancies in Totals (e.g. €100.50 and €100.95)
  • Invoices that were additionally booked against a receivables account
  • Invoices with and without purchase orders
  • Manual payments
  • Bookings in different company codes

Less False Positives

  • Detects payments that were paid twice, but the invoice was reversed
  • Identification of regular payments such as rent, electricity etc.
  • Detects reversal bookings