We are a people company

as the satisfaction of our employees is very important to us. In our team, every single member is able to develop their full potential. We are there for each other, respect each other and find a common solution for everything. With humanity, modern technology and methodology, we keep our professionalism high and therefore create added value for our customers and our community.

As a software company, we not only want to bring our technology to our customers, but also enable them to create added value in their business. The constant exchange with our customers is clearly in focus in order to constantly develop and improve ourselves, our software and the solutions based on it. We want to change the world of compliance & audit by simplifying it with our products and digital solutions.

Are you ready for transformation? Be the agent of change!

How to become a part of our team

*all genders welcome

Application FAQs

Which application documents do you need?
Your CV and certificates are completely sufficient for the first step. A cover letter is always nice to read. However, as we know that this is very time-consuming, a short cover letter by e-mail stating your salary expectations and your period of notice or availability is sufficient.
Who do I apply to?
You can find our contact person in the HR department on our careers page. Linh is looking forward to your application!
What happens after I have applied?
You will receive a confirmation of receipt within a very short time. We promise that we will deal with your documents as soon as possible and contact you with further steps. If your profile matches our expectations, our HR department will contact you for an initial telephone or Skype interview. If we continue to see that it is a good fit, we will arrange an appointment for a personal meeting relatively soon.
How do we address each other in the hiring process?
At zapliance, we cultivate open and appreciative communication. We are all on first-name terms in the office, so it is no problem for us if you also address us as with our first name in your application. If you prefer to be addressed by your last name, this is of course possible and not a problem.
Do I have to pay attention to anything specific in the unsolicited application?
Basically, we only need your CV for an unsolicited application. We are looking forward to your creativity in your cover letter. Just introduce yourself with 100 words and tell us why you are interested in zapliance. We are looking forward to reading!
What happens to my documents if I receive a rejection from you?
Of course, we respect the privacy policy and delete your personal data if you are rejected. However, you will definitely receive personal feedback from us in advance if we reject you after an interview.