Identify risks and opportunities in SAP processes.

Fully automated.


zapAudit has automated what can be automated for SAP data.

Data analysis in audit is challenging!

The SAP system to be tested is highly customized, time for preparatory analyses is short, data procurement is burdensome and you already have your hands full. Even if data analyses are already being performed, the existing scripts have to be adapted to the SAP to be tested. All this is time-consuming and keeps the team away from the activities that actually create value.

zapAudit automates the analysis process and supports you in focusing on the essentials:

To appreciate the analysis results in the corporate context and add value.

Automatic Features

SAP data extraction

zapAudit already knows the necessary data. The data extraction works with a reading user, without the need for an SAP transport request. The data remains with you! We at zapliance do not have access to it at any time.

Process Mining

The Financial Process Mining developed at the University of Hamburg is a 360° process reconstruction based on SAP Financial Accounting. In addition to financial accounting, the MM, SD and investment processes are also reconstructed.

Process audit

Each process flow is audited by over 150 indicators for regularity, efficiency, process standardization and access security. The zapAudit indicators are divided into the core processes of purchasing, sales, fixed assets and inventories, as well as cross-process issues.



Our indicators are automated audit questions that work without customizing. Each indicator is described in a fact sheet and groups the results in a way that a auditor can assess them optimally.

Process visualization

zapAudit visualizes the actual process flows that led to the indicator results. The process visualization in zapAudit is the optimal communication basis between auditors and auditees.

Audit methodology

The zapAudit user interface methodically guides the business expert through the results. The analysis results are grouped into profiles and enriched with the relevant information from the SAP data set.

Process house

The process house visualizes the analysis results at a glance and sorts them by core processes and functional areas.


Our dashboard provides an overview of SAP usage, making it a fundamental part of any audit preparation.


Audit results can be documented directly in zapAudit and exported for internal documentation.

On-the-fly filter

Data analyses always generate too large a result set. With our filters, results can be flexibly adapted to the corporate context, e.g. according to intercompany transactions, customers, suppliers, automatic postings and much more.


Results of data analyses can be exported in Excel format and made available to others.

Additional analysis

zapAudit has the ability to run additional data apps. This makes it possible to extend analyses to further questions.

What our customers say about us

“With zapliance’s products, we have solutions available that analyze accounting-related data reliably and with a clear focus on typical questions an auditor might have. This leads to a deeper interest at the C-level for many issues.”
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